Whats New
  • New How To....Cooling System page added.

  • A bit of menu tweaking. The CJJ pages now has a top navigation menu.

  • MGR paint code list now grouped by colour.

  • Added a page for all of Clive's (CJJ) brilliant How-To's.

  • Replaced the Java driven side menu with a pure CSS menu. This now displays correctly in Google Chrome, There are small issues with IE7, but I got fed up of trying to get round IE's useless CSS support!!

  • All MG F/TF Central web pages are now W3C compliant, this also means that the main web pages now have a .shtml file extension instead of the .htm one, those who are into web page programming will know why, if your not, well, doesn't matter really.

  • Added a page for Sonia, rear window replacement service.

  • Added Iain Ross's and Garvin's pages to the main floating menu
  • loads of links added over the last few months
  • More links, plus I've added a page for the lovely Sonia, she who does wonders for our rear screens !!. Bit of a tweak with the menu's as well.
  • links to the NAC TF added on the faq-history page.
  • Lots of new links added in May 2007
  • FAQ - History page added.
  • I've gone all posh and purchased a proper domain name, so if you have this web site bookmarked, please update your bookmark to point to https://mgfcentral.the-t-bar.com/
  • Site map page added
  • You've guessed it, I've changed the menu yet again. But this time its because I've split the big pages into smaller categorised pages, so now the Tips & Tricks, How To, F.A.Q. and Links menu items now have a fly out sub menu. This will hopefully make it easier for me to maintain and update the site.
  • I've changed the menus again !!, I will probably keep this style, kinda like it !!
  • I've managed to re-introduce search word highlighting . When you click on a link from the search results page, the displayed page will have all the words highlighted that match your search phrase. Its a bit limited at the moment in that if you include a wildcard character such as *, they will be stripped out of the highlighted phrase. At least it will help in finding what your after in the larger pages.
  • The Scarlet Fever Pages have been added, these are extracts from the Save our Scarlet web site, which documents the accident and rebuild of the infamous F owned by Andy Phillips. Due to the nature of how that web site was constructed, it was impossible for me to make direct links to specific pages in MG F/TF Central, hence this web site which Andy Phillips has kindly allowed me to create based on his SOS site. This now allows me to make direct links in MG F/TF Central to the resources in Andy's SOS site, which I shall be doing in the following weeks. You may well get search hits to this part of the site.
  • Been having problems with the scrolling menu and search results highlighting. For the time being I have added a manual highlighting function in the scrolling menu. Hopefully I will get this back to being automatic, but I thought the manual highlighting would be useful as well.
  • I've changed the menus !!, just the one on the left now, but it follows the page as its scrolled. There may be subtle changes to it over the next few weeks.
  • Full list of MG paint codes added, courtesy of Andy Phillips. Page top search now included in top frame. I've altered the search at the top of each page, it will always defaults to 'All' now. Looking at the search stats, some searches have missed a hit or two because the search was only made on the current page, hopefully this will address the problem. This page !!. The home page was getting a bit cluttered. Yes Broon, it was a good suggestion.
  • Glossary page added listing all those abbreviations, acronyms and terms you wondered about.
  • I've changed the search boxes at the top and bottom of each pages, the top box will search that page by default, but with an option to search other pages, the box at the bottom of the page will search all of the site. The search page now contains advanced search options.
  • I have finally implemented a 'proper' search function, please let me know if you have problems or unexpected results. You will get more search results by using * wildcard characters in your search string.
  • How To... page added and partially populated. Tips & Tricks page has begun to take shape as well.
  • The Links page is beginning to take shape, please add any new suggestions here
  • You can now use the Suggestions page to give me your thoughts and suggestions for the site.


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