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  • The MGF Users Quality Database, a very interesting read on Tony Thompson's site.
  • Speedo cable replacement is covered on Tony's site here.
  • Sport Pack 1, or SP1. To determine if you have SP1, the front struts should have the number RND000700 stamped on them and the rears RPD000261.
  • Dieter has this page that may help if you have a smell of petrol in your car.
  • Kevin on the forum gave the following suggestions for a basic weekly check of your pride and joy -
    • Tyre pressures and there general condition
    • Oil check , dip the stick on a cold engine ( there are two marking on the stick min an max, it should read in between the min and max obviously, if low top up with correct type of engine oil. Look for any wet looking oil around the engine indicating an oil leak somewhere. Oil should be clean slightly transparent and not black!. Any whiteness or gungy/mayo looking stuff in the oil could indicate HGF!!.
    • Coolant/water level (keep it on the max line keep the water & antifreeze mixture correct)
    • Windscreen washer fluid level (just top that one up till it overflows or near the neck of the bottle adding in some suitable screen wash)
    • brake fluid level (under the hood) fluid level should be on the Max line (it shouldn't move) if it does you have a leak somewhere in your braking system.
    • Check all headlight, sidelight, brake light, indicator and number plate bulbs.
    • Watch your temperature gauge on your dash, if it goes more than 3/4 you have a problem. (i.e. no water in the expansion tank, one of many reasons).
  • A lot of people have complained that its very difficult to get hold of McGard for replacement locking wheel nut keys. Try ringing them on 00800 25993400, its a German phone number, you will be given various options, one of which is an email address. Someone I know used this method and had a replacement key delivered within a few days for about £12 (April 2007)
  • Want to replace all those nasty rusting bolts with stainless steel bolts ??, Stig's Stainless Steel Fasteners sell an MGF 30 piece kit just for you.
  • CJJ from the forum posted this great thread showing how he completed his 30k service, its very picture heavy for those on dial-up.
  • how would you like FREE heated windscreen washers!!! Aiketgate rom the forum posted this great little tip complete with photo's.

  • How To Helicoil
  • Kameleon shows how to convert your key fob to a Euro flip blade style, find it on the forum.


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