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  • Krisf from the forum kicks this section off with this thread in which he talks about subs and subwoofers. And I thought subs were only used by the Navy !!!
  • Iain Ross fitted a DVD head unit, story and pictures here on the forum.
  • Iain also gives this low down on connecting an MP3 player to the standard Kenwood KDC 4027 head unit.
  • Here's a post by Red_Devil on the forum, showing his Alpine SWD-1600 sub install.
  • If you want to fit rear T-bar speakers to your TF115, then clickme.
  • Happychappy#1, aka David on the forum, posted this fantastic thread showing how he moved his tweeters into the A pillars.
  • Another thread here from Happychappy#1, which covers his glove box sub box build.
  • tank man, on the forum, posted this 'How To' thread on fitting a ZS steering wheel to make use of the ICE paddles. It also explains how he fitted cruise control using the paddles.
  • Stephan Gribney's Ultimate MG site has a section on rear speaker replacement in his FAQ section.
  • This article from Greg Hilton's original MGF FAQ pages gives tips on speaker and head unit replacement
  • fitzie from the forum has done a great rear T-bar 6" x 9" speaker install. He used Autoleads SA-007  6 x 9 Speaker Spacers bought from Ebay, and cut them to suit the T-bar profile and the speakers.
thumbnail main
Here's a pre speaker picture
thumbnail main
and one with the speakers fitted
thumbnail main
and the driving head unit

The tools fitzie used was a Stanley Knife for the guide holes and then a hack saw (without the handle to cut them) fitzie seemed to think a Jig Saw would be better but he didn't have access to one.
To shape the Spacers he used a coping saw and a selection of metal working files.
fitzie did the shaping by eye but again felt with better tools this could be made more accurate.

I think it looks great, well done fitzie.


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