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  • a full parts list of all the elements that make up the hood courtesy of Dieter

  • Hood removal and refitting
    • DotComoff shows you how to remove the hood here.
    • Iain Ross shows you how to remove and refit the hood here.
    • Iain also gives a step by step account here of how to remove the hood frame.
    • The MGF FAQ web site has this article on hood removal
    • Precious, aka Lise, on the forum, shows how she replaced her hood.
  • Hood and window seals
    • Tony Thompson gives instructions here for fitting new A frame seals
  • Hood lock up
    you pull your hood back but it locks and will not go any further back, here are the fixes...........
    • the easy cheap cure - as you pull the hood back, pull the second (from the front) hood frame rail back as your pulling the hood. Tony Thompson's site explains the method with pictures better here. Have a read of this from the DotComoff site as well.
    • another cure is to fit two elasticated straps to the hood frame. These were fitted as part of a recall by MG to certain VIN numbered TF's to prevent the hood pinching, but they also have the effect of curing hood lockup. The VIN numbers are VIN RD600155 to RD608010, and the part number for the straps is DJE000010. Dieter's site covers the recall here. Tim Jenner also covers the recall here. From the forum, here is a picture posted by Stafainn.
    • David "Stafainn" Clelland who runs the CSMGF web site, also sells the straps for a very reasonable price on Ebay.
    • the not so easy but cheap cure - DIY straps !!, Psychonaut from the forum made his own, and explained here.
    • 'hepburn' on the forum gave this great tip in a thread.
  • Rattles
    • Have a look at this article on Greg Hilton's MGF FAQ web site.
  • Hood rear screen replacement
    • Rob Bell's 14 stage explanation here.
    • Dieter gives more information here.
    • Tony Thompson also has a section on replacement of the rear screen here.
    • Iain Ross's hood replacement section also covers the rear screen here.
    • Sonia the " Window Women" backed up Iain's page above with this textual explanation of rear window replacement on the forum.
  • Hood rear screen protection and cleaning
    • This great little tip from Broon - "To save buying a hood protector (or if you park in a place where it will get nicked), I place a piece of cling film over the rear window in the winter. In the morning when its all frosted up, peel of the film and you have a nice frost free window. Takes literally seconds."
    • Dieter has this page on cleaning the rear plastic screen.
    • This article from the MGF FAQ web site also gives cleaning tips.
  • Hard top
    • Tony Thompson shows how to replace the hard top rear catches here.
    • Again on Tony's site, he shows how to fix the hard top storage brackets here.
    • Roger Parker shows how to replace the rear screen in a hardtop over on the MGOC website.
  • Heated rear screen connections
  • Tonneau cover
    • The MG FAQ web site has this article on fitting the tonneau cover.


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