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  • Exhaust system
    • Rob Bell's site is a good start point here, but don't forget the drop down menu at the top of the page for further related information.
    • Dieter gives information on the alternative sport type exhausts here.
    • Andy Phillips gives his views on various systems on
    • Erik lists a variety of systems on his web site here.
    • more pictures of various systems on the CSMGF web site.
    • Paul Lathwell from DotComoff has these diagrams of the two original equipment exhausts.
  • Catalytic converter, or CAT
    • Extensive information on the CAT here from Rob Bell.
    • Dieter gives information on CATs up to MY2001 on his site here.
    • DotComoff shows how to fit a CAT bypass tube here.
    • Andy Phillips discusses the CAT in this post in the forum.
  • Flexible section
    • Tony Thompson's little fix for a rattling flexi here.
    • More information from Rob Bell here.
  • Modifications
    • De-burring
      • blackoctagan posted this fantastic thread showing how he de-burred a stock VVC exhaust system, complete with detailed photos
  • Why does only one exhaust pipe work on my TF?
    • because there is a valve, the EVC ( Exhaust Volume Control ) valve, fitted to the off side pipe. It was fitted to reduce noise at low revs. It was disconnected by many dealers on new TF's as part of the PDI. It can be disconnected in two ways.
      • easy way - find the valve just behind the tail pipe, you will see a pipe coming from it, pull it off, plug the end (I used a self tapping screw), and tie wrap it out of the way. With the pipe disconnected the valve is open.
      • the not so easy way - I'll let Rob Bell explain the procedure here.
  • Exhaust sound clips


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