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South East Business is proud to be among the first to offer UPASS (Unplugging as a Service) to SME's within in the UK, This one of a kind special service first originated within the now famous silicon valley and has now seen significant uptake worldwide in a record breaking time frame.

This unique solution provides best in class Malware and Virus Protection from the very beginning along with simplifying your network infrastructure and offering significant savings on your daily business running costs.
Allowing you to concentrate on the things that really matter

On-going maintenance and upgrades costs become a thing of the past!

Our simple solution is quick and easy to implement, Generally taking just a few seconds per machine to fully complete
We are so confident you'll instantly see the difference, If not we'll reverse the procedure then and there at no additional cost to you

Massive Green Credentials, Reducing your energy costs and saving the planet

Fully scalable, Can be implemented on as little or as many machines as you require

Fully PBKC and PICNIC Compliant

100% Compatible with all Third Party Vendors

Reduced IT infrastructure costs, upgrades and maintenance, Equipment lifespan increased 10 fold from day one

Anti-virus and anti-spam built in at no extra cost , Guaranteed 100% impervious to all known computer faults now and for ever

Since unplugging, I've found i'm no longer distracted by my phone or computer, Finally i get free time. If only i could unplug my mobile

Wong Kei CEO, Hyde Inc

Call today to unplug and free your network

Warning - There have been some minor reports that certain business operations maybe effected by unplugging, The decision to unplug should made on a machine by machine basis and only preformed by an fully qualified unplugger'er

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