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  • MG Motor UK Ltd - the official SAIC web site.
  • is a social network site for all MGF and MGTF owners.
  • The MGF Gallery - a site maintained by Rob Bell. An absolute gold mine of information on the F and TF
  • Dieter's WWW.MGFCAR.DE - this site is maintained by Dieter Koennecke, and is another fantastic resource for all things F and TF.
  • Tony's Green Bullet - Tony Thompson's site is full of tips, tricks and how to's. Another excellent site for you to bookmark.
  • The MG Pit - Tim Morris's web site dedicated to the MG.
  • The English Fantasy - This great Belgium site is dedicated to the F and TF and maintained by Erik Baekelant
  • A Car Called Bob - Iain Ross's site, excellent how to's regarding console lighting replacement.
  • Broons MGF Page - Some very useful stuff in Iain 'Broon' Brown's "How to fix" section.
  • EmmGeeEff - Emma Jackman's web site, includes the mods she's done to 'Green with Envy', her '98 mpi F.
  • Life of a TF - Ian Stewart's lovely site, an interesting insight of TF ownership. (this link is currently dead)
  • Mike Cunningham ' s MGF Website - All about Mike's F and his mods.

  • MGF FAQ - Christopher Reeves site, he calls it "slightly acerbic", I'm sure you'll find it helpful.
  • MG F/TF FAQ - the DotComoff site run by Paul Lathwell, full of useful maintenance and 'how to's'.
  • MGF FAQ - the original FAQ page by Greg Hilton, the DotComoff site is an updated version of this.
  • Save Our Scarlet - the larger than life and infamous Andy Phillips's web site, the story of the rebuild of 'Scarlet Fever'.
  • The Scarlet Fever Pages - This is a site I've built based on the Save Our Scarlet web site above. Andy has given me permission for this, basically because the SOS site cannot be linked to, and there is far too many resources in there to be ignored.
  • MG Expert - A French language site managed by François Becquart. To quote François "A collaborative website about MG : News, Article, Forum, Photo gallery, etc."
  • MG Enthusiast Magazine - in their words "The worlds best-selling MG magazine". Blogs, forum, downloads, on-line shop plus much more. A great site !!
  • TT Exhausts - dedicated to the history of the TT exhaust as well as maintaining a register of ownership.


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