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Changing The Lighting - Centre Console Switches

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In order to complete the dash lighting change, I set about the switches. These are illuminated by LEDs inside the switches and at first I thought they wouldn't be able to be changed. However.... when I get started I cannot help myself! I decided to take them to bits anyway. The first thing to do was to get the centre console off again, to disconnect the switches and pop them out. It has been said that you can do this with the centre console left in place, and going in through the triangular panels in the footwell. Personally I don't think there is enough room behind the console to do this easily, hence my removing the centre console. The first shot below is of the switch panel with the window switches removed. Make sure you note which one is on which side!
Removing the switches
Starting with the window switch, I carefully released the plastic spring clips holding it together using a fine screwdriver. The top of the rocker switch pops off, to reveal a 12V LED perched on top of a plastic bracket.
The window switch
Prizing it open
The LED revealed
I couldn't find any 12V blue LEDs so I used a shunt resistor. Trial and error led to a value of 3.2K which gave me the brightness I wanted. The shot below shows the window switch modified. I had to be really careful with the positioning of the shunt resistor to make sure it didn't short anything else out. This is true for the other switches also.
Modified window switch
The procedure for changing the other switches was very similar. Care had to be taken to not melt the plastic supporting the electrical contacts, and also that the resistor didn't impede the mechanism of the switch itself. I decided to leave the indicators on the switches orange.
Demist switch
Front fog lamp switch
Rear fog lamp switch
Below is a shot of the finished product, engine running, lights on and all switches active! I think the result nicely compliments the rest of the blue lighting, and isn't too bright that it becomes distracting. Well chuffed just about sums it up! It should be noted that if Red or Green is the interior colour of choice, then it should be an easier task, since there are 12V LEDs readily available in these colours.

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