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Connecting an MP3 Player

It is possible to attach an MP3 player to the standard Kenwood KDC 4027 head unit that came as standard with many TFs. There is a DIN socket on the back of the radio which was designed for attaching the CD multi-changer. This can be used to connect an auxilary device, by connecting a 10K resistor across pins 3 and 9. This gives the fouth option when selecting mode - e.g: STANDBY, RADIO, CD & AUX. The other pins required are 6, 8 and 12, to provide the input. I wired up a standard 3.5mm stereo jack plug to the other end, which I plug my archos music player into. The cable runs up the transmission tunnel and out under the passenger seat.
If you already have a CD multichanger, you can buy after market switches to allow you to have an AUX unit too.

The DIN plug came from Maplin, stock number JW95D, and should be in stock at your local Maplin.

A link to the online store is HERE

A shot of my Kenwood in AUX mode

Blue Dash Conversion

I never liked the 1970s style orange lighting that the TF has. Considering the changes they made from the MGF the least they could have done was upgrade the lighting!! So, it was with trepedation that I decided to have a go at changing it to blue. Blue may be considered Barry or Chav, (thanks MaxPower!) but I think the result looks great.

A very dodgy photograph of the blue dash conversion

Mike Satur Heater Control Knobbage!

I never liked the heater control knobs on the TF. They are cheap plastic affairs painted silver. They are very Fisher Price! So, off they came. I replaced them with a set from Mike Satur. I chose the polished billet aluminium ones to match the bright pack the car already has. Below are before and after shots.
As you can see, the original knobbage is pretty poor fisher-price silver painted plastic.
This shot was taken at night with a flash, so the whole console appears dark, but you get the idea. The MS knobs are a lot nicer IMHO!
Today, I hacked off bits of the heater trim plastic to allow the light to shine through the holes in the alloy knobs. I like the result! Now I can see what the settings are at night. I think this is more necessary with the MS knobs as they are star shaped.

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