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Darkside? What are you on about? Its a car site not Star Wars!

There is this problem with owning an MGF or MG TF. It is compounded by frequenting forums such as the MGF - MGTF one over at mg-rover.org. You cannot help but add things to your car. I don't mean rediculous body kits, tons of body filler and bucket exhausts, I mean things like air filters, roll over hoops, and erm bling. You see someone on the forum post a pic of their latest personal touch and you just have to do it too. Some of the darkside mods are useful, like the electric boot release, some are just for the hell of it! Anyway, here is a look at what I've done to Bob over the last 18 months.

Mike Satur Boxer Mk 3 Hoops and Glass windstop

When the wife and I were driving back from North Yorkshire with our new baby - errr I mean car - we stopped at some services on the M1. We parked behind another TF and noticed an interesting addition - roll hoops. At this stage I hadn't found the huge online enthusiast community, and was ignorant of such things. It was over a year until I got some! They are more for the look than safety, although they are thought to have made a significant difference in a bad accident someone had.

Rear view of the chrome hoops
Front view of the hoops
Side view with stubby aerial

BAS International XPower Sportster Hood

Just my luck. I buy a TF with a plastic rear screen. A few months later MG bring out the 2005 car with a heated glass rear screen! I bought the hard top for this reason. In winter travelling 500 miles a week, I was plagued by rear screen mistiness. Not only from condensation, but from the plastic misting up due to oxidation and sunlight I suppose. It was a real chore cleaning it up to twice weekly to maintain a good rear view. Then I heard about a company in Wales that supplied MG with the hoods in the first place. They produced a mohair hood called the XPower Sportster. It had a nice thin heated glass screen. I bought one, and fitted it myself, taking car to remove the old hood from the frame in tact for future use or to sell if I fall upon hard times. Below are some before and after shots!
Before - with plastic rear screen
After fitting the BAS XPower Sportster
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| Images and Text 2006 Iain Ross |

I accept NO responsibility if you attempt any of the mods on this site. If you mess it up - its your fault!