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...replace the door lock mechanism
  • Garvin has very detailed instructions here.
  • Tony Thompson's site has more information here.
  • More detailed pictures and information on Dieter's site here.
  • CJJ has produced this great how to thread on the forum. the central locking door mechanism

....air vents
...remove the centre console
  • Tony Thompson has this article on his web site, this is for the MGF console.
  • CJJ posted this thread, detailing the removal of a TF console, on the forum, just like CJJ's other How To's, its full of very useful photo's. Can also be found here on the T-Bar.
...door windows
  • replacing a broken window stop

Before you check out the links below, Charles Simeon sent me a very relevant check that can be made.....
"It is very important and easy to adjust the coachline of the doors BEFORE adjusting the height of the glass. (This makes an astonishing improvement to the overall appearance of older cars). Almost by default if the glass stop has been broken for some time before you 'get around to it', the glass will have pushed the door downwards out of line. It needs a T40 Torx to loosen the striker plate and lift it back into line before setting the glass height. Otherwise like muggins here you have to take the card off again and do the job twice!"

You should also check that the door hinges have not worn prior to the above, Mike Satur sells an uprated hinge kit for the job.

  • Tony's site covers this problem very thoroughly here.
  • DotComoff also covers the replacement of the window stops here.
  • replacing the window lift mechanism
    • This article on the MGOC web site by Roger Parker covers the subject really well. Rover 800 stalks
  • Chris 'cjmillsnun' Mills over on the forum, has put together these great instructions on how to fit Rover 800 instrument stalks, to give adjustable intermittent wipe. NOTE - this project is on-going with regard to the intermittent wipe, the clever sparky bods are trying to come up with a solution. Still worth fitting the stalks though.
...remove the steering wheel
  • Andy Phillips relays the steps on steering wheel removal here on the forum.
  • Dieter has this page on steering wheel removal.
...reposition the centre consol switches
  • I found the position of the fog light switches in their default position to be unacceptable, the switches were difficult to see and locate because of the gear stick. There were two locations free next to the drivers window button that I wanted to use, so I decided to move them, this is how I did it.
    • Remove both triangular foot well panels, each panel is fixed with two phillips screws.
    • Using a 10mm spanner or socket, remove the two 10mm plastic nuts that hold the black unit that sits in front of the switches, move the unit to one side.
    • Remove the multiplug from the switch(s) you want to move and push the switch from the back out of the consol.
    • On top of the switch you will see two raised ridges close together, in the consol housing you will see a corresponding slot, this is all that stops the switch being placed in the 'wrong' location.
    • Using a sharp knife, remove the raised ridges from the switch.
    • Remove the blank from the location you want the switch to be in. Note that the blank does not have any location ridges.
    • Push the switch in from the front and reconnect the switch's multiplug.
    • Push the blank in the switch's old location.
    • Bolt back the black unit.
    • Screw back the two triangular panels.
...door caps - remove and paint
  • smbMG from the forum put together this how-to describing how he removed and painted his door caps.
...wind stop
  • prevent the wind stop from rubbing on the rear screen
    • Adam Elphick has produced this great 'How To' showing pictorially how to reduce the height of a mesh windstop to prevent it from rubbing on the rear screen when you lower the wind stop with the hood up. Adam also has plans for colour coding the frame and mesh !!! This can also be found The-T-Bar.
...remove the instrument panel
  • This how to on the forum was produced by MGFmad.
    Although specific to the F, it may also be useful to TF owners.....unless some one would like to produce a TF specific how to ????
...door mirrors
  • MG_CHIC on the forum put together this thread showing how she removed a door mirror. Also includes door card removal.
...bonnet release cable
...heater cable
  • CJJ shows how to adjust the heater cable in this thread on the forum.
...door card removal
...door release finisher
  • Martin 75 on the forum shows us how to fit chrome bezels from an MG ZT to the door release finishers from a TF.
...air bag

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