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 Engine and Exhaust

  • how to fit a 52mm throttle body...
    • detailed fitting instructions can be found here.
    • Rob Bell shows you how here.
    • Here's an ' How To' feature on the forum.
    • Extensive throttle body details on Dieter's site.
    • Andy Phillips has some thoughts on fitting the Trophy throttle body here on
    • Andy also tells you how to reset the IACV here, again on
    • Its also worth noting how to reset the stepper motor once the throttle body has been fitted, I'm sure its in at least one of the above links, but worth repeating -
          1) Start the engine and warm up to a normal working temperature.
          2) Turn off the ignition.
          3) Turn on ignition to stage II (with electric window available but don't start the engine).
          4) Press the accelerator all the way down and fully release five times repeatedly.
          5) Wait for at least 15 seconds and then turn off the ignition.
  • Sensors and Valves... an air filter installation
  • Rob Bell shows us how to fit a K&N system to an F here.
  • Another how to for the K&N on the DotComoff site here.
  • The original MGF FAQ web site has another set of instructions here.
...change the fuel filter
  • Broon shows you how on his web site here.
...Alternator an oil change
...fill the gearbox
...clean hydraulic tappets
  • Richard Wigley (Rich_W on has compiled this page giving instructions for cleaning hydraulic tappets on a K series VVC engine.
    Sorry, but this link is now dead.
...exhaust a 4-2-1 manifold
  • CJJ is writing his own Haynes manual !!. This thread, again on the forum, shows how he fitted his 4-2-1 manifold. a MIL eliminator cruise control
  • CJJ does it again on the forum, this time its How To fit cruise control to your TF. This should also be the same for the F.
  • tank man, on the forum, posted this 'How To' thread on fitting a ZS steering wheel to make use of the paddles for cruise control he had fitted. It also explains how he made use of the ICE paddles.
...clutch & flywheel
...gasket replacement
...VVC engine strip
  • CJJ from the forum has put together this fantastic thread showing how he stripped down a VVC engine, as always, complete with pictures.
...fuel pump replacement
...engine removal
  • CJJ excels himself with this excellent thread on the forum, complete with loads of photos. (a work in progress)
    This thread by CJJ is a companion to the above, it shows 'restoration' work to the ancillaries whilst the engine and sub-frame are out
...replace a Mk 1 F's  speedo cable belt
  • A very good video here on Google videos showing the cam belt replacement on an MPi K series engine,  produced by Technozen from the forum.
  • Another guide showing the cam belt replacement on an MPi engine, this time found on Dieters great website.
  • here's another guide for the MPi cam belt change, this is from rossocorsa on he forum.


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