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 Electrics an electric boot release
  • Rob Bell's site has an answer.
  • Iain Ross has his view on it here.
  • Dieter covers fitment on his site here.
  • MGFNorway from the forum produced this How To specifically for LHD cars.
  • Garvin on has another take on it here.
  • zipimini shows how he fitted a boot release on TheT-Bar.
  • Garvin also has this page on his web site.
  • Another related thread on
  • And yet more reading for you from in this thread.
  • And another non electrical option, this is a quote from Andy 'Scarlet Fever' Phillips - "If you only want it as an emergency access type thing, you could pop down to Halfrauds, buy a pushbike rear brake cable for sick squid and install a manual boot release. Hide the end of the cable somewhere only you know about and bingo you never need worry about your keys and the boot again - works for me!" a coolant level alarm
  • Tony Thompson has this article giving fitting instructions.
  • Dieter has this article on a coolant level sensor
  • philmgf posted this thread showing how he made his own coolant alarm, over on the forum. front TF fog lights
  • Here is a link to Dieters site, note that its a German site and the link is thru the Google translator (other translators are available)
  • Ian Stewart has the fitting instructions here. (this link is currently dead)
  • More information on fog lamp fitting on this page. (this link is currently dead)
  • jrproudfoot on the forum made his own TF fog light wiring loom. A bit more info here from MGFNorway on the electric circuit. a high level brake light to an MGF (3rd brake light) a bonnet light

part of the cost cutting exercise that MG made on the TF was to delete the light from under the bonnet. Retro fitting one is a fairly easy task and certainly DIY-able.
  • First of all, get yourself a light, it is exactly the same as the boot light, so a breakers yard would be a good start. I fitted mine by using the earth plunger switch at the back left of the bonnet. This is used for the alarm system, but also doubles as a light switch. I took a live from the under bonnet fuse box with an in line fuse, and the earth from the plunger switch, running it behind the plastic cowl at the rear of the bonnet, I fitted a piggy back connector to take both the alarm and light earth connectors. There is already a cut out in the bonnet for a light and I fed both wires up to this. I used the appropriate crimped  end connectors and tided the wiring up by wrapping it with black insulating tape. a starter button
  • The good Dr Bell has this how to on fitting a S2000 starter button Rover 800 stalks
  • Chris 'cjmillsnun' Mills over on the forum, has put together these great instructions on how to fit Rover 800 instrument stalks, to give adjustable intermittent wipe. NOTE - this project is on-going with regard to the intermittent wipe, the clever sparky bods are trying to come up with a solution. Still worth fitting the stalks though. heated screen jets
  • For those cold and frosty mornings, Tony Thompson has the answer here.
  • Chris T on the forum fitted the Webasto kit.
  • another how to here on the MGOC web site.
...get your cigarette lighter to illuminate
  • Although the MGF cigar lighter has an illumination ring around it (even the bulb is fitted!) this never comes on. This page tells you how to get it to illuminate. T-Bar speakers
  • the pre- MY2000 MGF and MGTF 115 came without rear T-Bar speakers, Rob Bell shows how to retro fit them on his web site here.
  • Dieter also covers fitment in this page of his web site.
  • Garvin has this page on how he fitted rear T-Bar speakers.
...increase the range of the remote handset (blipper / fob / zapper)
  • the easy way is to hold the remote under your chin then press the lock/unlock button.
  • the less easy way is to follow these instructions from the MGF FAQ web site. It involves finding and straightening out the yellow receiver wire.
  • another possibility is to re-synchronise the handset. Have a look near the bottom of this page. heated seats electric adjustable door mirrors a hands free kit a HID headlight kit
...replace a window motor
  • MGFmad from the forum posted this thread describing how to replace the window motor. Some great follow up tips as well. a window switch
  • designad from the forum posted this thread showing how he repaired his broken window switch which was causing his window to go down but not up.
...heater resistor pack
...parking sensors


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