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 Cooling System

...radiator replacement
  • Replacing a radiator is covered by Tony Thompson on this page.
  • Iain 'Broon' Brown also has this page covering radiator replacement.
  • this great thread from Aiketgate on the forum gives details, with photo's, of how to replace a radiator. Whilst the replacement was done on an F, its still relevant to the TF.
  • zipimini posted this excellent thread on the forum showing how he changed the radiator on his F without removing the bumper. Again, should still be relevant to the TF.
  • David Aiketgate on The-T-Bar shows us how he replaced his radiator.
...under floor coolant pipes
  • CJJ produces yet another fantastic how to with this thread, on the forum, showing how he replaced his under floor coolant pipes with a set of stainless steel ones, comes complete with the now infamous step by step photos. You'll also find this how to here on the T-Bar.
  • This article on Tony Thompson's site gives fitting instructions.
  • Designad on the forums put this thread together showing, with photo's, how he replaced his under floor coolant pipes for stainless steel pipes.
...low level alarm
...PRT (Pressure Release Thermostat)


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