What does OE mean, what does OEM stand for?. They are abbreviations or acronyms.
Below is a glossary of F/TF specific terms......

ABS: Antilock Braking System, a description hereon the MGF FAQ web site.
A/C: Air Conditioning
CAT: the Catalytic Converter, fits between the manifold and silencer in the exhaust system.
CJJ a legend in his own lunch time, and poster of many fantastic how to's and tips
CKP Crankshaft Position Sensor
CMP Camshaft Position Sensor
Darkside: Wallet sapping modifications that you only get the urge to do after joining forums like
De-CAT: Removing the Catalytic Converter and replacing it with a pipe.
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature (sensor)
EPAS: Electronic Power Assisted Steering
EVC: Exhaust Volume Control, a valve fitted to the offside exhaust pipe on TF's, most owners disconnect it.
F MK1: The original F built between late 1995 and 2000.
F MK11: Built between early 2000 and late 2001, alterations apparent in the slightly altered interior.
FUBAR: F--ked Up Beyond All Repair
HCHDC: Hard Core Hood Down Crew, a hardy bunch of nutters who put their hoods down come rain, snow and shine all year round. Easily spotted at shows as they all have year round head colds.
HGF: Head Gasket Failure.
HID: High Intensity Discharge (headlights)
HT: Hard Top.
Hood Cover: The cover used to protect the hood when it is down but also refers to another type of cover that can be used when the hood is up to protect it from the elements when parked.
HVAC: Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system
IACV Idle Air Control Valve
IAT Inlet Air Temperature (sensor)
KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid !
MAP Mass Air Pressure
MGR: MG Rover.
MY: Model year, this not necessarily the year the car was built in, so for instance a MY2000 F could have been built in 1999.
OAT: Organic Acid Technology, the orange, pinky coolant.
OBD I Onboard Diagnostics generation one
OBD II Onboard Diagnostics second generation
OE: Original Equipment.
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.
PRT: Pressure Release Thermostat
Project Drive: A cost cutting project by MGR that resulted in the reduction of fixtures and fittings though the life of the TF.
SRS: Supplemental Restraint System
ST: Soft Top.
T4: the diagnostic equipment that plugs into your F/TF, used by dealers and a few independents, also known as the Testbook.
T-Bar: The plastic trim that sits to the rear of the seats, in MK11 F and TF’s (excluding the 115) this also houses the loud speakers.
TB: Throttle Body.
TADTS: They All Do That Sir !! (if no fix is known).
TCA Track Control Arm
TPS: Throttle Position Sensor
TRE Track Rod End
Tin Top: a non-convertible car.
VIN: Vehicle Identification Number.
Xpart: The MGR parts suppliers, Xpart are owned by Caterpillar (CAT) and have a big warehouse in Desford, Leicestershire holding around £40 million in parts.
Xpower: Also known as Sport & Racing, setup by MGR as a performance and tuning house, at the time they were the only products that wouldn’t affect the manufactures warranty.


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