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  • Where is the fuel pump/oxygen sensor/etc located ?
    • Iain 'Broon' Brown has added this page to his web site with photo's of where all the main sensors and components are located. Note, this is a work in progress.

  • What are the dimensions of the MGF ?
    • Dieter tells you here.
  • What are the dimensions of the MG TF ?
    • Note that the Sports suspension is the SP1 option
      dimensions in millimetres uno Suspension
      Standard Sports
      Over all length 3943 3943
      Overall width 1626 1626
      Overall height
      Soft top
      Hard top


      Wheelbase 2375 2375
      Ground clearance (unladen) 124 114
      Front overhang (from centre of wheel) 841 841
      Rear overhang (from centre of wheel) 726 726
      Turning circle 10.54m 10.54m


  • What are the torque settings for the F and TF ?
    • A full list of MGF torque settings courtesy of Tony Thompson here.
    • Dieter also has a list for the F and TF here.
  • What are the paint codes for the F/TF ?
    • this page on this web site lists of paint colours and codes.
    • Have a look at this page for a full list of paint colours and codes, courtesy of Andy Phillips.
    • A list of paint codes are here on Dieter's site.
    • Another list here on MG-Rover.org posted by site owner Steve Childs.
  • Which wind stop is the best?
    • Rob Bell did the infamous 'blue wig' test for wind stops on his web site here. A little out of date, but I'd say that Mike Satur's newer Boxer screens and the MGF Centre's glass screen would give similar results to the MS plexi screen in the test.
  • My hood locks up when I pull it back.
  • I've locked my keys in the boot, what do I do?
    • there is only one method that can be discussed openly, this is known as the Treffen method, so called because someone locked their keys in the boot whilst on a trip to Germany with some fellow MG'ers. The method was developed by Andy 'Scarlet Fever' Phillips and others. Andy posted on MG-Rover.org explaining this method, read it here.

      You may want to get a spare key cut to keep in your wallet for the next time. Alternatively, you may want to consider fitting a remote boot release.
  • Everyone else in an MG F/TF keeps flashing their lights and waving at me. What should I do?
    • wave back, its an MG thing, you could even instigate the wave, be prepared for an odd look or two.
  • I have seen these 25BHP chips on Ebay, do they work?
    • NO they do not work, its a scam, and they could potentially damage your engine. They make they engine think its getting colder air than it actually is getting, not good.
    • Have a look at this page from Rob Bell's website about other dodgy claims, like the 'Electric Supercharger', and the 'bolt on Oil Cooler'
  • What is the F/TF's 0-60 time?
    • full list of all models here on Rob Bells's site.
  • What are the economy figures for the F/TF?
    • another list from Dr Bell here, also includes emission data.
  • What is the tracking dimensions for my F/TF?
    • Dr Bob to the rescue once more. This page also includes links to camber, castor, toe and king pin inclination data.
    • Dieter gives a full view of the subject here.
  • I'm thinking of taking my F/TF to Europe, what do I need to know?
    • Rob Bell's European Travel section should tell you most of what you need. Don't forget to visit the links at the top of the page for 'Driving on the right', 'Motorways', 'Essential kit', and 'Useful suggestions'.
  • My petrol cap lock will not work, what can I do?
    • You can visit Dieters site here where he will show you how to strip the cap down for cleaning.
  • Where are the maximum and minimum coolant level marks?
    • Its not that obvious where these marks are on the expansion tank, so DotComoff shows you graphically here.
  • I find it difficult to select reverse gear, what am I doing wrong?
    • Nothing probably, it can be a bit of a knack. Paul Lathwell's DotComoff site may have an answer for you here.
  • What items are covered in my A, B and C service?
    • Service check sheets which list all items covered in a service can be found here on Tony Thompson's site.
  • What do all the letters and numbers represent in the VIN number?
    • The original MGF FAQ web site has an explanation here.
    • Dieter has a full explanation here.
    • Greg Hilton's MGF FAQ web site has this article explaining the VIN make up.
  • What does an MOT consist of?
    • Ever wondered what your F/TF goes through when the annual MOT is carried out?, well this web site will explain it all, it s the MOT Testers Manual. There's plenty of other interesting links to follow as well.
  • I can hear something wrong with my car, what is it?
    • Have a look at this self diagnosis web site, Feel, Hear, See, Smell, things you can hear are wrong with your car. Five pages full of possible answers to get rid of those annoying rattles and clunks.
  • How do I adjust the TF headlights for driving on the right?
    • Steve White posted this thread with pictures of the where the infamous adjusters are located.
  • What are the suspension settings on the new NAC TF?
    • This small PDF file gives a comparison between the Chinese market TF, the LE500 and the 85th Anniversary TF. Courtesy of John Ponting.


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