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  • What are the dimensions of the MGF ?
    • Dieter tells you here.
  • How do I clean my rear plastic screen?
    • There are quite a few options for removing the cloudy or milky tinge to the rear screen.
      • Greygate polish (about £5), available from Brown & Gammons and also The MGF Register.
      • Autoglym Super Resin Polish can also be used, available from Halfords or any good car care shop. Below is an example of what can be achieved using Autoglym SRP (photo's courtesy of NZ MGF from the MG-Rover.org forum), click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture...
        before - thumbnail main after - thumbnail main
      • Toothpaste, yes, that's right, toothpaste, it acts as a very fine abrasive, and works very well by all accounts.
      • Maguire's produce a product called Plastx, have no experience of this at all.
      • Renovo also have a specific product for cleaning the rear screen.
    • With all these products, here's a little tip, clean one side of the screen left to right, and the other side up and down, that way you can easily see which side needs a bit more elbow grease or buffing.
  • Can I replace my plastic screen with a glass one?
    • In a word - no. The glass screened hood and frame is of a different design. You can replace your hood and frame with a glassed hood and frame though, have a look at this section for instructions.
      UPDATE !! Adam Elphick has managed to replace his rear plastic screen section with a glass one. Click here to find out how !!!
  • My MG boot and bonnet badge is peeling or de-laminating, what can I do?
    • replace it by following the advice here. Before you replace the badge, give it a few coats of clear lacquer, this will seal the badge and prolong its life.
  • My petrol cap lock will not work, what can I do?
    • You can visit Dieters site here where he will show you how to strip the cap down for cleaning.
    • also, have a look at this post on the MG-Rover.org forum from spaceoctagon
  • I have an annoying rattle or squeak, how can I cure it?
    • Paul Lathwell's DotComoff site may have just the cure on this page.
    • Andy 'Scarlet Fever' Phillips lists possible engine related rattles here on the F Register forum.
  • Will the MG F fitted warning triangle fit onto a TF boot?
    • yes it will.
  • Why does only one exhaust pipe work on my TF?
    • because there is a valve, the EVC (Exhaust Volume Control) valve, fitted to the off side pipe. It was fitted to reduce noise at low revs. It was disconnected by many dealers on new TF's as part of the PDI. It can be disconnected in two ways.
      • easy way - find the valve just behind the tail pipe, you will see a pipe coming from it, pull it off, plug the end (I used a self tapping screw), and tie wrap it out of the way. With the pipe disconnected the valve is open.
      • the not so easy way - I'll let Rob Bell explain the procedure here.
  • Where are the jacking points an a TF?
    • Click on the this thumbnail -> thumbnail mainpositions 2, 3, 4 and 5 are for the scissor jack, the others are for a trolley jack.
    • Another short section here from the original MGF FAQ web site.
  • I find it difficult to fill my car with petrol, it keeps shutting off, what am I doing wrong.
    • I personally insert the nozzle into the filler neck and then rotate it anti clockwise about 45 degree's.
    • Gregg Hilton's MGF FAQ web site has this answer.
  • Why does my mates 02 TF have mesh in the rear bumper panel, but my 03 TF doesn't?
    • It could possibly be down to what MG-Rover called 'Project Drive', or what the MG-Rover fraternity lovingly call 'Project Dive'. It was basically an attempt to cut costs. Have a look at this thread on the MG-Rover.org forum, Chris Tideswell started the thread, and various posts have added to the deletions list.
  • Why are my front tyres narrower than my rears ?
    • an explanation from Steve 'SharkyMGF' White - "Narrower front tyres increase understeer, making the car safer for those not used to RWD. Its possible to increase the front tyre width to a point where the handling is much more neutral, but go too far and you will increase oversteer which is harder to control if your not used to it.
      Its also possible to increase the width of both front and rear to maintain the difference. For instance my 'track' wheels have 205's on the front and 225's on the rear. This means the balance is the same as a standard car but the increase in width on all tyres increases the footprint and thus grip, so you have to go a bit faster to get the understeer.
      Also a word of caution, if changing from the manufacturers recommended tyre sizes, you need to inform your insurance company.
  • What size tyres can I fit, what are the tyre pressures etc, etc, etc
    • In this post on the MG-Rover.org forum, Aiketgate put together a comprehensive list of what owners feel are compatible tyres relative to rim diameter, also in this post are the recommended tyres and tyre pressures for the F & TF issued by MGR.


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